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      Denise L. Jefferson is a retired Veteran, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Hood College. Born in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania and dropped off in Frederick Maryland by the U.S. Army, she finally settled in Minneapolis Minnesota. She is a mother of two and grandmother of seven who always wanted to write a book.  Her first love in youth was Art, and drawing was her passion.  Growing up poor, she struggled financially to attend college and finally decided on a career with the U.S. Army, as a Radio Operator.  Although, her new career was technical, it was linked to broadcasting and journalism her second career of choice.   She finished ten years of active duty and joined the Army Reserve.  This completed a twenty year career in the military, which allowed her to go back to school.  This time her concentration was writing, so she earned a degree in Communications. She has a passion for gardening, and a love of Art, Music, History and Politics. 

Denise worked in government for many years starting with the Postal Service as a teenager and later she went on counsel Veterans at the Department of Labor. Finally, she retired from the Fish and Wildlife Service, at the Department of interior.  Denise is setting a new standard and inspiring others to live their dreams. 

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Denise Jefferson